Hope in human form

And just when I thought nobody could ever pass through this impenetrable fortress,
He was like a wand spell
that created magic beyond my imagination

While every inch of my skin screamed in pain, he always stood there
with his arms opened, to let me crash in
like waves crashing into the shore

From the depth of my belly, to the tips of my finger, when it was all sadness,
gleam of his iris never failed to rock me
to drown into a happiness, so sweet
that it could even engulf me

When darkness clogged my throat
He was like the light through the tunnel
who kissed the scars even beyond my skin,
making me feel like home was not just a place but, time

In the middle of sleepless nights, when all the thoughts would dance in my head
his words strummed across my soul
like he was playing the slowest love song
in the world, that only we could hear

When it all seemed dreary and I’d wrapped up myself with briars and barbed wires
He unraveled through all the knots, unleashed layers, making me forget if our bodies existed
like our souls together were nothing
but an entangled mass of love

And just when I thought that bitterness was the answer to life, that being uptight and untrusting was a viable strategy to be alive in this cynical world,
He was like a lantern in a lifeboat
like a hope in human form,
cause his love is a therapy
very like a sunray falling on a hoarfrost leaf.

Hoarfrost Leaf
And now I hope to never have the need to think, to find someone new, to begin with in life.

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