Imperfectly Perfect

I love how the tail of a grunter twirls and how eloquently ink spills on a neatly typed page

how the wispy strands of silver grey twinkles and how innocently a crooked teeth smiles

how the dappling shadow of a few thatched hair dances and how the smell of wilted flowers breeze

how in some murky puddle, lightning flashes on the reflections of naked trees and pebbles, and how smoke rings into the air; spiralling

how a dazzle of sunlight falls on the sparkles of watery sweat clinging to hair and how weeds dance on the beats of chaotic winds

Because beauty lies in the flawed and the broken; flawless and equisite, not!
In the eyes of the beholder; inherent object, not.

Murky Puddle
And that’s how these little eccentricities of the imperfectly perfect things leave its footprints on my heart.

47 thoughts on “Imperfectly Perfect

  1. I am so impressed with your work that I am now nominating you for the second of two awards (the First was The Mystery Blogger Award). This is The Versatile Blogger Award.

    For the information about accepting this award, please go to this link:

    I hope you’ll take the time to follow the minimal rules outlined there.


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