Millenial Alien

Since we are always looking for aliens, we don’t realize that they’re right under our nose.

You know, them overtly young over-achievers that make your nose hair, tickle a little?

You know, this human who wants to learn your interests and whatever it is that you like to do in your alone time?

You know, strangers who’re like this oasis of humanity, to some living-dead heart-stained being?

You know, these metahumans who’d rather do their bit for the society than for themselves!

You know, that beggar who keeps the heart to pass over his alms to an animal?

So, before the world fractures their faith, tilts it off its axis and gulps them in, storms them down and sweeps over like a summer flash flood

These millenial aliens, they need to be forewarned! Because only their power of unearthly kindness can eclipse this world’s overwhelming capacity for sins.

10 thoughts on “Millenial Alien

  1. You have such a marvelous verbal touch and sublime imagination. This piece moved me greatly.
    And as an admirer of your work, I was deeply gratified by your visit to my blog today, when you sprinkled a few “likes” as if they were flowers, or your footprints—left almost everywhere. You warmed my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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