Leap of faith

Ever regretted to have not done something, right at the moment when it occurred ?
Ever missed that one chance and cursed yourself for the rest of it? 
because you could not make it you might have.
because you did not have the choice you had and you chose not to.

Even the small little baby bird living in the nest takes its leap of faith to fly in the land!
gathers all its strength and pushes itself to step out of the cage.
to Jump; beyond the borders, beyond all its fears; defying the limits
neglecting the chances that it might even get crushed
merely, to feel the wind behind its wings!
Maybe because, even that tiny creature understands: 
that many a failures would come about but it might just win if stuck it out
that life is too short to keep dreaming about your dream.

Leaving Footprints Everywhere( (7)
How I wish, I had even half the will of that baby bird! Even half the determination, even half the courage.

13 thoughts on “Leap of faith

  1. So well expressed. I remember reading that all our failures become ladder that we climb on our way to success. If we don’t take the leap of faith, how do we do that? Great post!

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  2. You are so right about the courage and the determination of the baby bird, who must gather up all his strength to fly out of the maternal nest for the very first time. It should be a lesson for us all. Nice post.

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