Life’s better; eyes closed

Lately, I’ve
been spending
my days
snugged up in an
unmade bed
where reality
sleeps and
illusion awakes
each morning.

More like
halcyon time
of order found
within the
chaos of the
seemingly unknown,
as each languid
day just rolls
into the next like
the curling waves
caressing the
silent sands.

There are
curtains of hope
and despair
drawn around
as every desire
seem to stumble
like a raindrop
falling from a
lunging and
lifting several
times until
finally collapsing
in the ground.

And when
I have to open
my eye, there is
nothing but
the pantomime
of life moving on
with a shuffle,
or a near-silent
twitch as then
the suddenness
loses its way
onto my lips.

Because life’s
better; eyes closed
since acceptance
becomes a venture
when grief and
bliss is door upon
its hinges.

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