Life’s better; eyes closed

Lately, I've been spending my days snugged up in an unmade bed where reality sleeps and illusion awakes each morning. More like halcyon time of order found within the chaos of the seemingly unknown, as each languid day just rolls into the next like the curling waves caressing the silent sands. There are curtains of … Continue reading Life’s better; eyes closed

Millenial Alien

Since we are always looking for aliens, we don't realize that they're right under our nose. You know, them overtly young over-achievers that make your nose hair, tickle a little? alien. You know, this human who wants to learn your interests and whatever it is that you like to do in your alone time? alien. … Continue reading Millenial Alien

Note to the Moon

So, while all these lugubrious faces on the globe are looking up high in the sky with the hope, for your silvery, pearl-white flash of smile, to blithely wipe away their gloom, I want nothing but, just for my words to reach out to you, to illuminate your face, to lull you to sleep Because even you can't be okay all the time and just like us, can have a rather more tough time in disguising it sometime!

Hope in human form

And just when I thought that bitterness was the answer to life, that being closed off and untrusting was a viable strategy to be alive in this cynical world, He was like a lantern in a lifeboat like a hope in human form, cause his love is a therapy very like a sunray falling on a hoarfrost leaf.