Holding Hands

It’s just peculiar how time can turn tables and reverse roles for suddenly some day, you could go from being daddy’s lil girl to his sole support system and might need to safeguard the man that has sheltered and basked you in the safety of his warmth, half your life.

It’s weird how heartaches and bruises seem painful only until the day you see needles and tubes relentlessly pricking and puncturing his skin which sure can just split your heart in two and each drop of his blood can feel like kerosene dripping on the cut. It’s quite enough to soak all your breath to see life catapult before the man who forms your spine. The one who has always fixed it for you since it’s just beyond him to twist the constellations for his own ends.

Reality kinda stings you when the hospital administration asks you to sign in the guardian’s column and not him. But you come to realize that your world really has turned upside-down only when you see yourself stand all still and tall even in the chaos, despite having your soul collapsed already because this grown up baby on the stretcher knows no place to hide than your eyes. So, you just know that you got to push your shoulders back, calm them dancing demons and sound as promising as you can because your 57 year’s old child is too afraid to be left in isolation with the machines and blue-robed humans.

And your brightest time in the day swiftly shifts from having favourite food or just doing something peacefully in solace to only a few minutes of visiting him wherein he’d innocently hold your little finger and you’d caress his hair. Wherein like a kid he’d complaint of them super vigilant nurses and whatever he’d go through, hoping you could make it right. And it’d just make happiness drip from your eyes because that mere contact, that gaze is all you’ll need to wipe away all the restlessness and sleeplessness.

And it occured to me that maybe that’s how he must have felt to have me wrapped up in his arms in the first place or maybe when I held his finger for the first time.

18 thoughts on “Holding Hands

  1. I believe in karma and in love. If we if shared love and we were kind. It will come back to us. I was a parent, I am a grandfather now. I cared for my children and my grandchildren. One day I will need help. Love, comes around and love/kindness will return to us. Thank you for the wonderful story.

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  2. This beautifully poignant telling is both individual and universal. It took me back to my own caregiving days—which were difficult enough, even though my parents were considerably older.

    I am sending positive thoughts to you and your father.


  3. I was touched by your post as I am confident that anyone who’d read it carefully, would be. I liked your imagery especially “happiness drip from your eyes”. I think the message inside your story was about love and returning love. Parents love and care for us when we are young, and how wonderful it is when we can support them when they need us. The father in your story feels so much love and peace when he is cared for by his own child. It makes my eyes water just while I write you about it. Bless you.– David


  4. Hello or good evening my friend friend. Dreaming for better days, it’s part of our life. Smile, thinking of happiness. Live these moments listening to your heart speak. Your boredom will be erased. Your life will take on colors. Tell yourself that hope looks like a fruit. If this fruit is green it has no flavor. This fruit will be delicious if it is ripe, savor it right away. Happiness comes at this price, think of these magical moments.
    Good day or evening Kisses in all Friendship.
    And a small bouquet of lily of the valley that it brings you happiness in your home and shares it with yours.


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